Frequently Asked Questions...


Do you offer cake tastings?

Cake tasting boxes are available for wedding clients. The boxes are $25.00 and include 5 slices of our most popular cake flavors. Tasting boxes are available on select dates for pickup/delivery. When you book your wedding cake, the tasting box fee will be deducted from the total price of your cake.

What types of frosting do you use?

The majority of our cakes are iced with swiss meringue buttercream. This type of buttercream is very light and truly buttery, with a perfectly silky smooth texture. A meringue buttercream is very different from a typical American buttercream (think grocery store cakes), in that it does NOT contain confectioners' sugar. However, if a very sweet traditional buttercream is what you're after (sometimes this is a better option for a child's cake/cupcakes), let me know, no judgement :)

Do the flavors I choose affect what my cake will look like?

If you choose a semi-naked finish for your cake, then yes, you will see the cake layers poking through the buttercream. In the case of a full buttercream finish, the cake will not show, so feel free to choose any flavor you desire! As for the filling, this never shows on the outside of the cake, even with a semi-naked finish.

Do you offer allergy-friendly cakes?

We do not currently offer cakes free of common allergens (dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts), as all of these ingredients are present in our kitchen.

How much notice do you need for a cake order?

The more notice the better, but we've been known to help out our clients with last minute cakes :)  It's best to book an event cake (birthday, anniversary, shower) at least two weeks in advance, and a wedding cake at least 4 months in advance to secure your date. In order to book a wedding cake, a 50% deposit is required to reserve your date. Your wedding cake is NOT considered booked until this deposit is received. The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your wedding date.

What is the process for creating my wedding cake?

It all starts when you fill out the contact form. From there, I will contact you via email and we will set a date to meet and chat about your cake. This can be on one of my tasting dates, or we can meet at a separate time and then I can deliver you a tasting box during the set dates (see above for the next available dates). During our consultation we will discuss your wedding theme, decor, guest count (approximate is fine!), and what you'd like your cake to look like. Feel free to bring or email me pictures!!! Visual inspiration always helps. While we chat, I will build you a quote which I will email to you during our consultation. You will leave knowing exactly how much your cake will cost! A 50% deposit by check, cash, PayPal or Venmo will book your cake. I will then check in with you approximately 3 to 4 weeks before your wedding to finalize details, guest count, and email you an invoice for the balance of payment. And then I take care of creating and delivering your cake!

How do I pay for my cake?

We accept payments in check and cash, and through PayPal and Venmo.

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